Better Blogging Gets Results – ii

Here is the next post on Top Tips for Better Blogging Gets Results.

The key is . . .

Stay Focussed

And there are 2 parts to this.

  • Stay focussed yourself.
  • Stay focussed in your subject.

So why is FOCUS so important . . . ?

Any business coach or life coach or sales coach will tell you how important Focus is in achieving your goals and attaining your objectives.

It simply makes sense!

The less you get distracted by irrelevant side paths, the more attention you will pay to your ultimate goal.

And the more attention you pay, the more steps you will take toward achieving your goal.

And it is exactly the same with your Blog readership.

If you stay on topic with your content, then the people who you want reading your blog – your ideal target market – will be irresistibly attracted to coming back again and again for more useful tidbits on the subject they are interested in.

They will look forward to reading your emails!

Which also happens to be the subject that you provide a range of products and/or services around or for!

And sooner or later – they will buy something from you or your website!

Goal achieved!

And that’s how Better Blogging Gets Results!

If you don’t stick to your subject – the subject they subscribed for in the first place – they will lose interest and drift away.

So be realistic. Don’t just use your blog to talk about any old rubbish.

Make something of it!

And it will make something for you because it is true that better blogging gets results.

Keeping focussed is the quickest way to build and retain traffic.

Do you know what your Subject is?

So before you race off and write your next blog post, make sure that you can state clearly what your blog subject is.

At Hotpink Websites ours is:

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about websites and internet marketing.

What is yours?

Make sure that you are clear about your blog subject matter.

What should you do now?

1. Now, take a few minutes to write it down.

2. If you want some help or ideas, just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.


“Decide that you want it . . . more than you are afraid of it.”
~ Bill Cosby

Remember – commit to Better Blogging

Use our Top Tips for Better Blogging Gets Results with your blog subject matter!

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