Better Blogging Gets Results – iii

Top Tips for Better Blogging Gets Results.

The key is . . .

Use Real Life Information

Believe it or not, I learnt this from a solicitor friend of mine years ago.

But first, how does “Real Life Information” help your blogging . . . ?

It helps your blog because someone in your readership will be able to make practical use of the information that you have just imparted in your blog.

This will mean that they will either be able to apply your information themselves, or they remember to contact you about it when they need to.

Either way, you have increased the value of your Blog, and most likely increased your readership as a result.

Now, back to Greg.

My solicitor friend, let’s call him Greg because he is now retired, was attending a networking event where he mentioned some interesting legal “stuff” about wills and inheritances.

This was based on a real life story involving an existing client of his.

Nothing happened on the day, but the story goes that 5 weeks later he had a call from someone who heard him speak at that function.

That obscure piece of information about wills and inheritances had suddenly become relevant to that person who contacted Greg for more information.

Had it not been for Greg, that person may not even have been aware of their entitlements, and they would not have contacted Greg.

Business done.  Goal achieved!

And that’s how Better Blogging Gets Results!

It is often the obscure and little known information that adds a lot of value to your readers.

And if it is a Real Life Story, then it is also more relatable – it sticks in the memory for easy recall!

So make sure you put some real life juice into your blog.

And the easiest way to do it!

Is to write about your day-to-day experiences.

If you are a Solicitor, talk about the $50,000 you saved the client in lost inheritance money.

A Dentist can talk about new dental techniques that are painless and noiseless.

A Costume Business can show new outfits, and post party pictures sent by their clients.

And a Sign Writing company can talk about how they solved a tricky design problem for a client.

Just take some notes when the idea occurs to you, and write it up later in your blog.

Then come back later and write out the story just the way it happened.

What should you do now?

1. Start taking notes on blog subject ideas.

2. If you are a client of Hotpink Websites, use the information in our Members Area to help you with writing blogs.

3. Even if you are not a client, but want some help or ideas, just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.


“You cannot be both horse and rider at the same time.”
~ Bowl of Saki, March 8, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Remember – commit to Better Blogging

Use our Top Tips for Better Blogging Gets Results with your blog subject matter!

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